Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Shower!

My awesomely wonderful baby shower was yesterday.  I don't even know where to begin with it all, so I apologize if I just end up rambling.  If I don't get it all out now though I'm afraid I won't capture all the details!

It was hosted by my amazing friend Aubrae.  She had tossed out some ideas to me a while back and of course I loved them all.  I gave her free reign on everything so it was all a complete surprise to me.  I'm a cryer anyway but I bawled when I got a copy of the invite a few weeks ago and I bawled when I walked in the door to her house.  

Everything was owl and book themed!  Hubs dropped me off early (and stayed a few minutes to put in an appearance) and before everyone got there I just walked around crying.  It was all so beautiful and it felt so surreal it was all for me. Aubs made everything by hand/by scratch.  I know she's a crafty bitch, but damn!

This was super cute; there were little paper owl cut outs to write messages
on, and then hang them with clips from the burlap wires on the wooden
frame.  Loved it!

Yes, even this was completely made by hand!

Awesome tree with owls and books!

I wish I took better pictures- these don't do justice!

There were cute wooden owls everywhere, cutouts from books, burlap, and beautiful pink and blue accents. I do wish I would have taken some better pics- these do not nearly show how beautiful it all was. Twin/baby facts were posted randomly about.  Did you know babies aren't born with kneecaps?  Neither did I.  Thanks for that creepy fact Aubs!

I think just about everyone brought a book for the babies... I think that was my most favorite part about the gifts we received.  I absolutely, positively just love books!  I could spend hours reading.  We now have a great foundation to teach the babes about reading and that it is to be enjoyed not loathed.

The games were awesome- nothing was forced and nothing was cheesy and if you were luck enough to win you went home with either an iTunes gift card or a little something from Coach!  Dare I say it was a pretty classy affair? Delicious food and drinks.  Which reminds me, I didn't get a single shot of the vintage wash tubs/drink tubs that were placed about full of drinks.  Or the table by the front door with favors.  At least I got one shot with the one we brought home.

We did our maternity shots last weekend and our photographer was awesome enough to send us a shot early so we could take it to the shower to be signed.  I found a nice frame and matte at Michael's to have everyone sign it.  Did miss a few signatures from family that was there (I'm bummed!) but overall it turned out pretty good!  Not sure where it's going to to get hung up in the house yet.

All in all, the day was way more than anything I could have hoped for.  The babies were completely spoiled and we got so. much. stuff.  I loved spending time with everyone and getting to hang out with some of my co-workers outside of work.  Some family came in from out of town, as far at 3 1/2 hours away, just for us! 

Love this wooden piece we got; Hubs already hung it above the nursery door!

There was also a diaper raffle so I think I came home with 12 packs!

OH, and Aubs does custom diaper cakes.  She's pretty much the ish!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You Know You're Pregnant When...

It's 7:20am and you're making instant mashed potatoes to take to work.  For breakfast.  Along with left over pork and applesauce.

And it's not the first time you've done it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Am Losing My Damn Mind

Helllllllo pregnancy hormones.  Where have you been hiding the last 7 months?  Little, petty things set me off.  Don't even get me started on crying over sad things... hysterical, hyperventilating, high pitched voice crying. Sniffling, ugly face crying.  

Exhibit A-

Last night I had my plate from dinner on the couch, and the end piece of some garlic bread on a a napkin. Ruxin doesn't get people food and unless you leave something at his level or straight up on the floor; he knows better than to try and eat people food.  He may sniff around but he's never tried to eat something off my plate.  Well, that was until last night!  Rux came over and started sniffing the napkin, then straight up tried to eat the bread!  I yelled "no" at him and swung my leg over to push him back (I couldn't reach him with my arm fast enough or without hurting myself cause of this huge ol' belly).  Instead of my foot nicely reaching his chest to give him a little push back, my heel clonked down on the top of his skull.  It made an awful bone-on-bone noise.  I froze and stared at him while he walked away around the ottoman.  Hubs was sitting there and started to kinda laugh/tease me about beating up the dog.  Ruxin immediately came right back around the ottoman towards me and I just started bawling hysterically.  I couldn't catch my breath, couldn't see through the tears, and started sucking in air like a gulping fish.  I couldn't stop!  Hubs tried asking me what was wrong and my responses were so high pitched and interrupted by trying to breathe he had to ask me 3 or 4 times before he could make any sense of me!  I kept telling him how I didn't mean to hit him and I'm a terrible person and I'm going to be a terrible mom and I was so sorry.  The whole time Ruxin is sitting right there letting me love and pet on him; he was completely fine.  It was awful for me.... I felt like I was about to hyperventilate!  Hubs had to come over and try to talk me off the ledge.  I smeared makeup everywhere, was snotty from crying, and soaked my shirt with tears.  I totally overreacted to it and I know that now. Ruxin was completely fine and just wanted to play but I just couldn't stop crying.  I even told a friend at work about it and started crying when talking to her.

Exhibit B-

Tonight I left my cell phone at work.  I was stressing out because a friend was supposed to be stopping by and I couldn't remember if it was before or after a certain time.  Plus I was trying to make dinner.  Hubs went to go grab his phone so I could text her just to confirm and see if she wanted dinner.  I go to grab a pan out to put on the stove and I dropped it on the tile with this huge crash.  I instantly started crying and going into freak out mode again.  Hubs came down with his phone and had to calm me down once again.  Over a freaking frying pan..  I just can't keep it together anymore.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

30 Weeks- Update, YO!

How far along? 30w exactly.

Babies are the size of: A small pumpkin.  Had an appointment today- little boy is 3lbs 5oz, and little girl is 3lbs 12oz!   

Total weight gain: 20lbs.  Saw my OB yesterday and she was a little concerned about my lack of weight gain and wanted to make sure I'm eating enough.  I did just start getting super hungry again like I was in the first trimester so I think the weight is coming.  (After today's appointment and the babes doing SO WELL I'm not as concerned.) Luckily it's all belly weight.  I don't have a pregnant ass or face!

Stretch marks: None yet.  I'm getting vein-y on my stomach and boobs but no stretch marks.

Sleep: At this point getting a goods night sleep is like a treat.    

Best moment this week? TODAY!  The appointment at the fetal imaging place went amazing.  Our US tech was different than who we've had before and she was so fun.  My cervix is still measuring long and closed so I'm not showing any signs of early labor!  WOO!  Both my babes progressed perfectly from where they each measured 5 weeks ago meaning little girl is still bigger (which is good meaning they are still growing at the same rate and neither one has slowed down).  Little boy is right on track for a singleton baby and little girl is ahead for a singleton.  Seriously, the appointment couldn't have gone any better.  They were moving and kicking like crazy, no sign of any issues, and I have lots of fluid.  

It was so cool to see them move on screen at the same time I was feeling it.  Little boy was "practice breathing" and we got a clear shot of his lungs moving.  

They cooperated this time and we were able to see their faces in 3D!  As soon as she turned it on it took my breath away. Chubby cheeks, lips, and cute little noses.  OMG it was beyond words.  Even without the 3D when she was looking at their faces it was so easy to see their features.  No more little blobs.  

I get to start doing stress tests so I'll be seeing my OB every week starting at 32 weeks to be monitored for contractions. I don't have to go back for fetal imaging for another 4 weeks, but then it will be weekly so I'll be having two appointments every. single. week.  They are NOT messing around with twins, let me tell you.  That just means we are getting close to babies in our arms!

Got the official word yesterday I passed my three-hour glucose test.  My OB did have me attempt it a second time and thank god I was able to get through it.  Hubs played a HUGE part in that and I know if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have made it through.  I wasn't even close to failing the three hour test so no gestational diabetes for me and I can go back to getting milkshakes :).  YUMM.

Miss anything: Not much right now.  Better sleep would be nice but I'm starting to get used to not really sleeping.  OH wait... I take that back... I miss being able to reach my feet without it hurting (so I just don't) and being able to shave my legs comfortably.  Yeah.... thanks belly!  

Movement: All day, every day!  God I am going to miss this so much after they are born.     

Food cravings:  I don't think there's anything particular I'm craving, just more food in general.  

Belly button in or out? Still going with the half in, half out look.  So hot.  

Wedding rings: on or off? On and it's starting to leave marks.  At night it's almost impossible to get it off.  I can't imagine not wearing it!

Looking forward to: We are doing maternity photos on Sunday, and then next weekend is my baby shower.  I was thinking this morning I should start packing the diaper bag soon.  That means picking out their going home outfits!  That also makes me realize how much I need to get done in the next few weeks before they get here.  Really I need to finish washing clothes and getting them put away; that will make the nursery way less cluttered feeling.

C-section won't be scheduled for any sooner than 38 weeks so 4/24 is our birthday unless I start contracting on my own.

Out little girl!

Both babies measurements :)

Our little boy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Shower

Cutest. Invites. Ever. !!  I covered up the host's personal info.... but this is sooooo me it's not even funny! Shit, this is really happening isn't it?